Christine Ourmières-Widener
Christine Ourmières-Widener arriving in parliament for questioning on the €500,000 golden handshake which precipitated three resignations from government Photo: José Sena Goulão/ Lusa

TAP CEO stands to receive “pornographic” €2 million bonus

Being widely repeated today by national media is the claim by Correio da Manhã that TAP CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener stands to receive a €2 million ‘bonus’ if the objectives of the airline’s restructuring plan (costing taxpayers €3.2 billion) are achieved. The government is in the process of trying to ‘sell off’ TAP. PM António Costa has accepted that the sale price will not cover the costs of the ‘restructuring plan’… Reacting to CM’s news, television commentator Luís Marques Mendes has called the bonus “pornographic”. He stressed bonuses of this size are acceptable in private companies, but in a State concern (that has had to be ‘bailed out by taxpayers’) this kind of payment is “a complete scandal” and “offensive”. More in this vein is likely to come tomorrow.