Ms Ourmières-Widener
€2 million... €3 million, or no millions at all? Photo of Ms Ourmières-Widener by Inácio Rosa/ Lusa

TAP CEO ‘bonus’ in double shock: it’s not €2 million, it’s €3 million

… but it’s also ‘invalid’

With the commission for inquiry into the management of TAP preparing to move forwards, there has been a ‘new shock’ for TAP watchers: the “pornographic” bonus potentially due for CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener if she delivers on the objectives of the restructuring plan is not €2 million, it is €3 million.

But the clause in Ms Ourmières-Widener’s contract covering it is almost certainly ‘not valid’.

Says Jornal Económico in an exclusive today, it required approval by the general assembly of TAP SGPS, “something that has never happened”.

JE also suggests there are already “names lined up” for “possible successors” to the French CEO whose stint at the helm has been dogged by controversy.

The article has sparked new political uproar. 

Explains SIC television news, “opposition parties want to know if the government, and in particular the finance minister, knew about this decision.

“The PSD talks of “lies and confusion”, and how everything involving TAP “is an endless muddle”.

“CHEGA is questioning the legality and wonders who could have given authorisation for a “bonus of this dimension”. 

Bloco de Esquerda wants to ensure the government stops the bonus being paid if there is no legal basis for it.

Iniciativa Liberal (IL) says the whole story reinforces the importance of the commission of enquiry to answer outstanding questions, and PAN has wondered, not surprisingly, what would have happened if these details weren’t discovered…

PCP communists have reiterated their concern that the rights of workers in the company are not being protected.

All in all, it is the ‘muddle’ the PSD describe. Says Observador, “it is still unclear if the government will end up paying the bonus to Christine Ourmiéres-Widener”.

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