TAP and Lisbon Airport fall in global rankings

Lambasted for being on track for the accolade “worst in the world”, Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport has fallen three spots in the Skytrax “best airports” ranking.

The capital’s overworked airport is now in 60th position, with Skytrax’s three front-runners all being airports in the Far East.

Indeed, the top 10 best airports include only three European destinations: Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany) and Heathrow (London).

If this dive in popularity was only to be expected (click here), the same cannot be said for national airline TAP, which has also fallen in Skytrax perspective – behind low-cost carriers like Ryanair and easyJet.

Explains Jornal Económico, the ‘good news’ in both the rankings is that the country’s top airport and TAP remain in the world’s top 100 for their categories.

In TAP’s case, the airline has fallen four slots this year – from 72nd place to 76th – in a ranking led by Qatar Airways and where the majority of prizes go to airlines of the Far and Middle East.

Ahead of TAP are too many to list – but Ryanair clinched position 59, with easyJet doing markedly better, ranked in position 37.

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