TAP airplane
Airbus A320-214: Image: HORACIO VILLALOBOS/ Lusa

TAP Airbus plane in emergency landing in Paris

Passenger describes ‘smell of smoke in business class’

A TAP Airbus A320-214 plane suffered a technical problem this morning after setting off from Lisbon, requiring an emergency landing in Paris, Orly.

The ‘departure from normal flight schedule’ took place in “total safety”, guarantees a source for the airline. 

The plane left the Portuguese capital at 8.30am, bound for Berlin, Germany.

Firefighters were waiting on the tarmac as the aircraft touched down on French soil.

Very little in the way of information has been forthcoming.

The source for TAP simply confirmed that the incident involved “a technical problem”, stressing that “the passengers have landed in Paris, are all well and will resume their journey to their final destination as soon as possible”.

A passenger speaking with SIC Notícias however described a smell of smoke from where he was sitting in business class, and “criticised the lack of information given by the carrier”.

TAP has been in the news in recent months for less than edifying reasons. The government is now intent on trying to sell the company, albeit possibly not in its entirety.

Bailing out TAP – to get it to the stage it is now – has cost the Portuguese taxpayer around €3.2 billion, Prime minister António Costa has stressed the government is extremely unlikely to recoup this money in the upcoming sale (whenever this takes place).

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