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Tan addict spends £30k to stay brown

Tanning addict Trish Paytas has revealed how she has spent £30,000 on keeping her skin brown.

It started with a 14th birthday present from her mum, after bullying made Trish, from New Jersey, America, self-conscious about her looks.

The 24-year-old’s love of tanning means she has spent more than 66 days of her life on a sunbed.

Despite warnings that she risks skin cancer, she claims: “I’d rather look good dead and tanned, than pale and alive.”

If she pays for single sessions, it costs Trish £7 per turn, but she goes so often she sometimes pays a monthly “unlimited” access fee of £74. Even when she’s not in the tanning booth, Trish regularly sunbathes without sun cream.

And in 2006 she bought a spray-tanning machine costing £450 and since then has spent £116 per month on spray – totalling £8,350.

Trish has racked up £23,690 in salon tanning bills. And for emergencies when she needs to apply colour quickly, she has spent another £1,355 on fake tan she applies with her hands. Her overall spend on tanning is £33,855.

The bubbly blonde lingerie model, from Los Angeles, said: “I’m not addicted. I could stop any time. But I feel so much better and confident when I’m tanned.” Source: