Tammy Weis
Photo: Hugo Amaral

Tammy Weis performs Pessoa in Tavira

Tammy Weis, the Canadian jazz singer and Lisbon resident is performing in Tavira on Sunday, October 22. She will share 11 compositions for poems in English by Fernando Pessoa.

Tammy is passionate about Pessoa’s work. Since her previous performance in 2018 in Tavira, she has composed and recorded the album ‘Soul Whisper’, with musical production by Rui Veloso, released in May 2023 at Belém Cultural Centre (CCB) in Lisbon.

Talking with her recently, she said: “I am just back from Canada, where I am getting a great response to the album. I am excited to be singing in the perfect venue of the Misericórdia Church at this poignant time.”

Asked why she is attracted to Pessoa, she continued: “When I first started hearing the poems of Pessoa, I instantly heard a melody and I wanted to put the poems to music. It became a project. In some ways, Pessoa foretold the future and his words are ageless and provide a lot of learning. Poetry can change the way you see things.”

Tammy began creating sounds to match Pessoa’s poetry from his time in South Africa through to his adult life spent in the atmosphere of central Lisbon. Tammy has built a soundscape oriented towards traditional music with jazz influences.

She returns to the “Birthday Party for Álvaro de Campos” in Tavira in October to present the results of the project.

She will be touring in Canada in 2024.

Tammy will be singing live on Sunday, October 22 at 6.30pm at the Misericórdia Church in Tavira

Tickets cost €10 (€5 For friends of the Birthday Party)
Reservations: +351 968 868 198 | [email protected]

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Tammy Weis: voice
Carlos Barretto: double bass
João Ferreira: drums
Antonio Pinto: acoustic and electric guitar