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Talking about the stars

This month, the Algarve History Association features Clive Jackson, who will be holding a talk on the Algarve’s night sky on November 15 in the Municipal Library of Tavira at 6pm.

Clive Jackson, who contributes monthly to the Algarve Resident’s Algarve Skies column, is a professional naval engineer who has been working in Portugal as founder and director of the Astronomical Observatory in Tavira for 15 years.

Specialising in education and public outreach, Clive has helped to introduce astronomy to schools and to the general public of the Algarve.

With the aid of a planetarium, telescopes, solar system models, and other tools, Clive will explain how to identify planets, constellations and bright stars, with the focus on the planet Jupiter, which will be in the southern sky all night of November 15.

Admission to the talk is free.