Talk: the history of the Algarve railway

Algarve historian Peter Kingdon Booker and drama teacher Carolyn Kain will be presenting the “History of the Algarve Railway” followed by the showing of the film “Diesel Maiden” on Tuesday, October 24 at the Municipal Library in Lagoa at 6pm.

The short film (about 12 minutes) is based on the eponymous poem written by Carolyn Kain, who also directs it. Its story is a plea for the Algarve railway to become electrified, and the reason is that the diesel motors of the trains pollute the atmosphere.

The film features astonishing aerial drone photography by Miguel Cosme and also a number of amateur actors and actresses, with Carolyn’s poem read as a voice over.

If you love the Algarve and want to see a new view from the sky, and to hear Carolyn’s heartfelt plea against pollution, “Diesel Maiden” is a must-see. Peter will also be speaking about the history of the railway in the Algarve. When was the line to Lisbon originally opened? How long did it take to build the Algarve branch? Who financed the construction? How did the Algarve railway connect with its sister branch in Spain? Peter will put the history of the Algarve branch line into perspective.

The talk is organised by the Algarve History Association.

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