Talk on Sagres shipwreck

A presentation on environmental protection for an important divers spot off the coast of Sagres is to be held at Sagres parish council tomorrow (Saturday) at 2.30pm

Anabela Balmer, founder of Divers Cape, will be talking about the shipwreck Torvore, a major attraction for divers from around the world who visit the Algarve.

The Torvore was a Norwegian cargo steamer that was sunk by U-boat attack on April 24 1917 during the First World War. The Torvore carried coal and metal on its route from Swansea to Naples. Built in Hartlepoole in 1882, the ship had a weight of 1667 tonnes with dimensions of 78.5 meters by 10.5 meters.

It sank near Sagres and the Cape S. Vicente on a sandy ground and now rests at 32 meters depth.

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