Talk: Incas of Yesterday and Today

‘Incas of Yesterday and Today’ is the subject of a talk organised by the Algarve History Association and presented by Dr François Luis-Blanc on May 15 in Tavira and on May 23 in Lagoa.

Dr François Luis-Blanc, who is a medical doctor specialising in paediatrics and infectious diseases, visited the Andes in 1981 on his first medical research mission, and spent two years teaching about infectious diseases and doing field research with the students of the medical school at Cusco, Peru.

He participated in the foundation of this medical school, which has an official policy to integrate traditional healers and shamans with the public health service.

In this talk, François will emphasise firstly the remarkable Andean adaptative conditioning to specific environmental threats and secondly the birth of Andean cultures, community life and spirituality in a history spanning thousands of years.
In Tavira, the talk will be at the municipal library and in Lagoa at the Convento de São José, both commencing at 6pm.

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