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Talk: diet and nutrition in medieval Portugal

The Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting two lectures in English on June 7 by archaeologist Alice Toso. Entitled ‘Diet in Islamic Portugal: insights from stable isotope analysis’, the first lecture will be at 2.30pm in the Museu do Trajo in São Brás followed by another later at 5.45pm in the Lagoa library.

Alice Toso is currently a PhD research student at the University of York, UK and her project “Diet in Islamic Portugal” is part of the network ‘Faith in Food and Food in Faith’, in collaboration with the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield.

The talk will highlight Alice’s research on diet and nutrition in medieval Portugal, which is addressing a gap in our current understanding of medieval societies and their traditions.

The research uses analysis of stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen to investigate the diets of Medieval Islamic and Christian communities from three sites: Lisbon, Beja and Silves.

The Iberian Peninsula saw the birth of one of the first multi-faith and multi-cultural societies in medieval Europe.

For seven centuries, Jews, Muslims and Christians co-existed in this land, shaping a unique pluralistic society, first under Islamic political control and later under Christian rule following the reconquest of the 12th century.

Diet had an important cultural and symbolic meaning in medieval societies.

Lunch in São Brás can be arranged in advance. Call Maxine on 917 267 948.

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