‘Talk about health’ forum

A Health Forum organised by foreign residents’ association afpop in collaboration with healthcare providers Luzdoc is taking place on June 3 at Boavista Golf Clubhouse in Lagos, from 2.45pm (registration open at 2pm).

The event will focus on high blood pressure and cholesterol. Following the success of the first event in March covering diabetes and excess weight, this programme is intended to provide information that will help people take care of their health and adopt a lifestyle that will assist in the prevention of certain diseases.

Hypertension and high cholesterol can work together ‘silently’ destroying the cardiovascular system and consequently all the major organs.

The first part of the event will comprise four presentations: ‘Prevention basics – heredity and way of life’ by Dr Joanna Karamon; ‘Understanding blood pressure and cholesterol’ by Dr Rui Tomé; ‘Eating with high blood pressure and high cholesterol’ by nutritionist Ana Rita Horta; and ‘Monitoring and nursing support’ by nurse Niki Medlock.

A question and answer session will then follow.

There will also be free screening available for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The second part of the event will be an open forum, with a panel comprising Dr Maria Alice, Dr Fátima Rodrigues and Nurse Sofia Pereira taking questions on any medical subject from the audience.

Entry to this event is free for afpop members and €10 for non-members payable on arrival. Pre-booking is required as places are limited.

282 458 509 | [email protected]