Talented jazz band knocks on Algarve door

Talented jazz band knocks on Algarve door

At times, the Portuguese seem to divinise international bands, neglecting their own national talents. But some talents are hard to overlook.

This one is called Moustache. It’s an “easy listening” jazz band from Leiria led by composer and pianist Fabrício Cordeiro. Joel Madeira on bass, Valter Cordeiro on drums, and Bruno Homem on saxophone complete the foursome.
Their music is based on Cordeiro’s emotions, which he draws from his life’s experience and his ultimate dream to share his music far and wide.

The band has recently released its first full-length album ‘Someone Else’, which has been met with enthusiasm by the public and was, in fact, funded by the public.

It was only by using an online fundraiser called MassiveMov that Moustache was able to release the album.

Now, it is hoping to spread its wings and find gigs anywhere it can – including the Algarve.

“The Algarve is of primary importance to the band and the boys are actively looking for gigs in hotels, festivals or events both this year and next,” Moustache fan and friend Lynne Smith told the Algarve Resident.

Lynne discovered the band during an afternoon tea in Leiria at which she met Fabrício. She loved the music so much that she has been helping to spread the word about Moustache ever since.

Lynne explained that while the band’s short-term goals revolve around acquiring access to better recording and post-production facilities and playing gigs around the Algarve and Lisbon during Christmas and New Year, their long-term goals are to secure a record deal while continuing to write new material and tour whenever possible.

To hear Moustache’s new album, visit moustachesomeoneelse.bandcamp.com

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By Michael Bruxo [email protected]