Talent meets experience at Suites Alba

It could be said that the pressure was on the young Louis Anjos as he hosted the second gourmet evening at the Suites Alba Resort on Friday, June 14.

Following the first wine pairing dinner last month, in which the executive chef of the Albandeira resort was joined by former colleague and fellow Chef of the Year winner Tiago Bonito, this event saw the chef receive two of his mentors: chef Nuno Diniz of Lisbon’s York House, and chef Yannick Genard of the Fátima School of Hospitality.

He needn’t have worried, with both chefs praising their junior and congratulating him on both his creations and the event itself.

The Algarve Resident was once again invited to this special gourmet evening, and sampled the six-course meal that was perfectly paired to the wines from Lisbon winery Quinta do Gradil.

The two first courses came from the hosting chef, with the sardine, pickle and roasted tomato followed by the beautifully presented carabineiro (scarlet prawn) from Sagres, the maize-based xerém and cockles.

Chefs Nuno Diniz, Louis Anjos and Yannick Genard
Chefs Nuno Diniz, Louis Anjos and Yannick Genard

Nuno Diniz, a well-known Portuguese chef who has featured in the national television programme Top Chef, also incorporated some of the best local produce in his creations, with the appealing cold starter of oyster from the Ria Formosa, beetroot and cucumber, and a fish dish of poached ray, peas and samphire.

Last but by no means least was the French chef Yannick Genard, who arrived in Portugal in 1999 when he became one of Louis Anjos’ professors. With a meat dish of duck, celery and Vitelotte potato, the chef completed the culinary event with a delicious dessert of cottage cheese, pumpkin and pear.

Supported by a dedicated team, both in the kitchen and at front of house, the chefs were pleased with the event.

“We had great fun,” said chef Nuno Diniz.