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Taking care of your health

Hospital Particular do Algarve inaugurated its first hospital in May 1996 in Alvor and a second in December 2009 in Gambelas, Faro.

The aim of Hospital Particular do Algarve is to treat all Algarve’s residents, both Portuguese and foreigners, as well as those who visit the region throughout the year.

The group has invested in modern medical and surgical technologies, providing the two hospitals with modern equipment and with specialised professionals in various health areas.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr João Bacalhau told the Algarve Resident: “We have highly specialised departments, such as an Intensive Care Unit with eight beds, a Paediatric Department, a Maternity Ward, a Urology Centre, a Respiratory Function Centre, a Centre for Neurological Studies, a Cardiology Department with Cardiac Intervention facilities, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, among others.”

Hospital Particular has now created a Care Card, which, besides providing billing discounts to members, also provides numerous other benefits such as priority in appointments as well as providing personalised assistance to holders.  

“We have made agreements with various associations, such as afpop, Golf for Greys and NCA, where the Care Card is offered cost free to their members,” said Dr João Bacalhau.

He added: “Our aim since day one has been to provide the best medical care possible to those who seek our services. We rely on a highly qualified medical team supported by high technology, featuring health services that no other health facility in the region has.”

For more information please contact Hospital Particular on 707 181 818 or visit www.hpalg.com