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Take the wheel and drive

By: Ruth Sharpe

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ROCK MUSIC returns to Pavilhão Atlântico this March, when North American five piece, Incubus, bring their live show to Lisbon for the fourth time.

If you are, shall we say, a more senior member of society, don’t stop reading this just because I uttered the word rock – this band is not just for kids, their style encompasses a broad spectrum of music and can appeal to the older and younger generation.

Their acoustic anthem Drive is one of those songs that you will recognise instantly, due to its heavy rotation on TV and radio. Other big hits include the melodic Wish You Were Here and the radio friendly, chill out track, Are You In?

Their 15 year history has made the band a household name in today’s musical climate. The three founding members Brandon Boyd (vocals), Mike Einzeiger (guitar) and José Pasillas (drums) attended junior school together in their native California and have been making music together ever since high school. None of them received any formal training on their respective instruments and have grown together as a band, a feat that makes their achievement in modern music even more remarkable.

After achieving global recognition with albums S.c.i.e.n.c.e., Morning View, Make Yourself and A Crow Left of the Murder, their latest album, Light Grenades went straight to the top of the US charts when released in November last year.

Lyrically, Incubus songs reflect many of the band’s political views, stressing critical thought, independence from the media and nonviolence. They caused a big stir with the release of their single Megalomaniac in 2003, when it was judged to be about George W Bush. With the video pushed to night slots only, the band were said to be relieved that people were actually taking the meaning from their music, even though their was no direct reference to the president intended.

The band’s unusual amalgamation of styles and high-energy shows, have received rave reviews and the band has managed to sell out numerous renowned venues, including Madison Square Garden in New York.

Full house

Although Incubus has been touring relentlessly since 1993, they didn’t make it to Portuguese shores until 2001, when they played an intimate show at the Coliseu. One year later, they returned to a full house at Pavilhão Atlântico and then again in 2004, as one of the major acts playing to over 100,000 people at the Rock in Rio festival.

The blend of electric and acoustic guitars, combined with the turntables skills of Chris Kilmore and Boyd’s vocals, should entertain even the classical music aficionado. Percussion is also a main theme, so expect big drum breaks and even a djembe (African drum) solo from front man Boyd.

Incubus is actually the name for a mythological demon that would seduce sleeping women and, although the music is probably not everyone’s ideal for the art of seduction, it is definitely addictive.

One final piece of advice for the ladies – stay until the end and, if you’re lucky, Boyd may take his top off, a move that always provides the biggest scream of the night.