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Take a safari trip in the Alentejo!

With the kids off school for the Easter holidays, it’s often difficult to come up with fun ways to keep them entertained, so if you fancy a day out with a difference, how about a trip to the Badoca Safari Park?

After having gorged yourselves on chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate almonds, take a day for some fresh air where you can enjoy the company of some rather unusual animals…

Located in Santiago do Cacém in the Alentejo, about an hour from Lisbon, in an area of some 45 hectares, you will find yourselves surrounded by the likes of zebras, giraffes, oryxes, gnus and lots of other wild animals from Africa.

There are shows featuring some of the most beautiful birds of prey like eagles and falcons that swoop down from above, or visit the tropical bird garden where you can see the amazing bright colours of the toucans, parrots and cockatiels.

The park has its own restaurant but if you prefer to take a picnic, there is a specially designated area just for that. After your lunch, take advantage of the open space by walking across the magnificent 80sqm wooden bridge situated between the trees and above a picturesque stream.

The park offers a number of activities including a safari adventure where you can see many of these fascinating animals in a natural habitat, where guides tell you all about their daily habits.

For further information, contact 269 708 850 or email [email protected]