Tails of the unexpected

Do you believe in miracles? After the experiences of the past 23 years, we at the Lagos Animal Protection Society (LAPS) most certainly do! Many of you will be wondering what we mean by ‘miracles’. Well, we shall come to that in a moment.

LAPS is a haven of refuge in what can sometimes be a cruel world if you have four legs and especially if, sometimes, due to an accident, you only have three! Many visitors to Portugal, and in particular the Algarve, come for the mild climate, sun and wonderful fresh food. There is, however, a different side to Portugal that needs your help and support and that is the often sad and tragic circumstances some of our four-legged friends find themselves in.

During the heatwave last August, one of our volunteers was helping at the refuge in Monte Ruivo, when she received a telephone call from two women who had discovered a kitten under the bonnet of their car, three days earlier.

The kitten, obviously frightened, abandoned and alone, could not be coaxed out! The temperature was 33 degrees Celsius and the kitten had no water or food! Nevertheless, the visitors still went out each day with the kitten under the bonnet! Eventually, they managed to rescue the kitten and telephoned Bridget Hicks at LAPS. Could she help, they asked… Naturally, the answer, as always, was yes.

The kitten, whose age Bridget estimated to be approximately two weeks, was immediately cuddled, fed and watered. The visitors duly left the sanctuary and the ‘rebirth’ of the beautiful all black kitten started. From the moment she arrived, she was a survivor and could ‘escape’ into the smallest of places. Hence, it was decided to call her ‘Houdini’, or ‘Dini’ for short.

Our shop volunteer at the time, who was also helping with administrative tasks, sponsored her, which means making donations towards upkeep, food, vaccinations and, of course, sterilisation, all of which costs LAPS many euros.

Dini is a true survivor and she, like so many of the animals brought to LAPS, is now looking for a loving home.

• This is just one of our many ‘tails of the unexpected’. Some do not have such a happy ending. However, with your help and support, LAPS will continue. Our shop on the old road, which runs parallel to the EN125 at the turning to Luz, is open every day, seven days a week, from 10am to 2pm. On Tuesdays, the shop is open until 4pm. Please pay us a visit. If you do not see anything you wish to buy, a small donation would be appreciated, not by the people who volunteer their time and effort, but by the animals, all of whom just want to be loved and have a warm and secure home, just like you! For more information about adopting, fostering, sponsoring an animal or helping in the shop, please contact Bridget Hicks on 282 687 334 or Frances on 282 769 932.