Tails of the unexpected – Rocking on three legs!

As we have said previously, life can be cruel for animals, especially if, instead of the usually four legs, you find yourself with three!

During one warm and balmy evening in September, LAPS received a telephone call from the police in Portimão. A young dog had been found in the road, apparently hit by a car, and left to die. Immediately, arrangements were made to have the animal taken to the vet and made as comfortable as possible for the night. One of his front legs was so badly crushed that he wasn’t expected to live.

Early the next morning the vet phoned LAPS and advised us that the animal could not survive unless his front left leg was amputated, as the injured limb was infected. It was his only chance of life.

Despite the enormous costs involved, including the fee for the operation, medication and aftercare, the decision was made to remove the badly crushed leg. We still were not sure whether he would survive the operation, let alone know if anyone would want an animal with three legs. The operation however, was a success and within a few days he was well enough to leave the clinic. So, yet another dog arrived at the refuge, to be given food and love – and how he thrived on it! It was quite amazing to watch this wonderful young dog literally race around with his newfound friends and playmates, on just three legs. When he finally came to a halt, he tended to rock from side to side, so ROCKY was named.

Anyone who visited LAPS was instantly licked and greeted by Rocky, in the hope that the next stranger would adopt him and give him a new life. It didn’t take long for Rocky to be re-homed. It was simply impossible not to love him, although it must be remembered that despite being very young, his early months must have been anything but happy!

Unfortunately, not all the animals at LAPS are able to be re-homed. Some are too old or their earlier treatment at the hands of humans has left them traumatised and unable to settle with anyone other than the person who first rescued them and returned their love and affection. But they still need to be fed and receive treatment when necessary, and would love to have someone to sponsor them for a few euros a month.