Tailor-made pool covers that will save you money

Established since 1989, Aqua Pura is one of the leading pool cover specialists in the Algarve, with their individually made covers both saving pool owners’ money and increasing the amount of time you are able to swim during the year.

In their factory near Lagos, Aqua Pura manufactures manual pool covers, winter covers, UV protection covers, straps with or without buckles, pulling cords and rollers with or without wheels.

Owner of Aqua Pura, Patrick Geradts, said: “Aqua Pura is the quickest company in the Algarve and installations can be carried out in 24 hours.”

One of the products that is on the top of preferences of clients is the Aqua Pura 500  cover that features a strong blue 500 micron solar material with four reinforced endings secured in the width by means of two stabiliser bars, making rolling in or out very easy and keeping the cover on the pool during windy conditions.

Patrick Geradts said: “This cover increases pool temperature by up to 8º C, eliminates water evaporation by 95 per cent, reduces chemical consumption by up to 30 per cent and energy consumption by over 50 per cent. It also saves clients’ money and has a three year warranty.” Until the end of the year, the company is running a special promotion of five per cent off the Aqua Pura 500.

“Weather temperature falls substantially at night and the covers can prolong the use of your pool by up to eight months a year. The loss of temperature during the night normally reaches 8º C, with a coverage loss not exceeding 1º C,” added Patrick Geradts.

For further information, please call 282 763 605 or 967 025 157 or visit their website at www.aquapura.com.pt