System protects offenders – Letter #2

Dear Editor,

I am so glad to read that at last the issue of crime/burglary/robbery has at long last been aired on television (Algarve Resident, January 29 edition) and that hopefully your government and câmaras in the Algarve will take serious action to catch and, where possible, rid your lovely country of the people causing such anxiety to foreign visitors and local people too.  

We have since increased our security and although not quite living in a lock-up prison, it does tend to feel a bit like that now, which is such a shame. I do hope that you and your newspaper will continue to keep the pressure on and the problems highlighted.

Once the criminal community know that they will be dealt with, that there is ‘zero tolerance’ for their actions, then the Algarve and the rest of your country will hopefully regain its reputation as a warm, safe and friendly country.