Photo: Alexandre Manuel

“Symbiosis” photo exhibition in Loulé

Alexandre Manuel’s new monochromatic photography collection is on show between October 29 and December 10.

Alexandre Manuel’s latest photo exhibition, “Symbiosis”, is opening this weekend at the Convento Espírito Santo Art Gallery in Loulé and will be on show until December 10.

“Capturing the timeless essence of nature, enhancing the idea of ​​our ephemerality and interdependence, this is the artist’s obsession in “Symbiosis,” says the municipality on its website. “The photographs are monochromatic, the landscapes are silent, and the human footprint is almost always present”.

This exhibition is “a journey around the world focusing on harmony, a photographic dialogue between man and nature, shapes and textures, black and white and colours”.

Although Alexandre Manuel has a doctorate in visual semiotics, he preferred to dedicate his life to photography. He has already held several exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, having received several international awards.

Curated by João Moniz, the exhibition opens this Saturday at 18:00. It can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:00 and 13:30 and from 14:30 to 18:00.