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Swiss couple violently assaulted at home

By ELOISE WALTON [email protected]

An elderly Swiss couple were violently robbed by a gang of four masked men as they arrived at their home near Almancil, Loulé, on the evening of October 31.

The couple were taken from their vehicle into their house after 10pm where the attackers robbed and beat them before sexually assaulting the 77 year-old wife.

Following the crime, the 80 year-old husband told Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã (CM): “We are very unwell. My wife was brutally attacked and I was punched in the face. They tied up my wrists and hit my hands and legs with sticks.”

He added that the robbers wore masks and gloves and stole money, gold, jewellery, credit cards and the couple’s jeep.

Following the assault, Almancil GNR were called to the home.

However, Faro’s Policia Judiciária also arrived at the scene to collect evidence and are now investigating the case, which at the time the Algarve Resident went to press on Wednesday had not been solved.

The wife was also transported to Faro hospital for treatment and was released a few hours later.

Following this extreme case of violent robbery, Loulé Câmara mayor, Seruca Emídio visited the couple at their home.

“They are afraid, but, even so, they understand the situation because they know that these cases can happen in any developed country,” Seruca Emídio told CM.

“The Portuguese government must guarantee people’s security and measures must be taken to avoid other cases like this from happening.”

Loulé’s municipal protection service has provided psychological support to the victims. 

Meanwhile, a British resident was also robbed in her home near Santa Bárbara de Nexe on October 29.

Following the crime, the victim, who asked not to be named, told the Algarve Resident: “I was alone at home at around 10pm when four men with balaclavas came in.”

The woman tried to escape but the robbers tied her hands and ankles with electrical cables and demanded money.

“I said I didn’t have any money but they could take anything they wanted so they stole my laptop and IPod,” she said. “After the robbery, the men left and I eventually managed to free my hands, found a spare car key and drove to a friend’s house.”

She added: “I’m a positive person, so I will get on with my life, but I think people should no longer be complacent about their safety as these crimes can happen anywhere in the world, even the Algarve.”

The Polícia Judiciária are now investigating this case.

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