Swimmer disappears at Caneiros beach

A MAN disappeared while swimming at Carneiros beach, between Carvoeiro and Ferragudo, earlier this week and, despite the fact that a body has not been recovered, it is presumed that the man drowned.

People at the beach saw a man battling in the water and the lifeguard was alerted, however, two big waves engulfed the man and he disappeared before the lifeguard could reach him.

A yellow flag had been flown alerting the public to the fact that there was some danger for swimmers. It is believed that the man had been swimming in a rocky area.

The lifeboat at Ferragudo was immediately launched by Maritime Police and, later, a helicopter arrived to help in the search, but attempts by authorities to recover the body proved fruitless.

The case is proving to be quite a mystery, since police did not locate any relatives or friends at the beach, no towel or belongings were found, nor any car left in the car park.