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Swim in your own custom bio pool

Natural swimming pools are relatively new to Portugal but have been developed over the past 20 years in Northern Europe, America and Australia.

The benefits of a natural pool in comparison to a standard chlorine pool are numerous, including being more visually pleasing and environmentally friendly.

One of the major advantages to a natural bio pool is that no planning permission is required as only natural resources are used in the construction of the pool and aquatic flora and fauna cleans the water making it safe to swim in.

“These are like the lakes and ponds we used to swim in as children but are now not safe due to industrial and farming products used on the surrounding lands,” said Michael Dickhaut, who is based in Portimão.

Pools can be built to either domestic proportions or on a much larger scale for public use, mirroring ponds and lakes.

Michael Dickhaut has been researching and building bio pools for a number of years, firstly in Germany and then in Portugal, and is currently developing his own bio pool on his farm land in the area. Although Michael specialises in natural bio pools he also offers a range of bobcat and digger services to clients for use in land scraping, clearing and tree felling and cutting.

His digger services also cover all aspects of canal work and drainage, sewage installation and many other varied tasks.

For further information about Michael Dickhaut and his work, please call 969 117 139 or email [email protected].