Sweetcorn memories

By Patrick Stuart [email protected]

I have fond memories of when, a few years ago, there was a local farm shop here in Lagoa where, along with other fresh homegrown goodies, summer always meant lots of great quality, and reasonably priced, corn on the cob. The shop very sadly (for us punters at least) closed, and since then fresh corn on the cob has become a rare treat. The vacuum-packed stuff sold in most supermarkets is almost inedible, but at Apolónia they have fresh corn of fairly good quality that comes in from Spain. It seems that no farmers here in Portugal bother with what is commonly dried and used as chicken feed in this country, and the down point is that by the time the Spanish stuff gets onto the shelves here, it costs more than €3 for two cobs. If any reader does know of a farm shop selling locally grown corn here in the Algarve, please kindly let me know!

I love it simply boiled in salted water, but have often enjoyed it grilled in restaurants and found a good method recently. Plunge them in boiling water and cook for 2 minutes, then butter some sheets of tin foil and season with your desired flavourings, salt, pepper, garlic, herbs, whatever. Wrap into little parcels and cook on the barbecue for around six to seven minutes turning regularly. Then remove from the foil parcels (reserving the melted butter for serving) and quickly char them back on the barbecue.