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Sweet warm simplicity


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The Cape Verdean singer Nancy Vieira is performing at Teatro da Trindade, in Lisbon, on Thursday (November 29), as part of the promotional tour for her third album, Lus.

On this album, Nancy mixes Cape Verdean sounds, like morna, coladeira, funaná and batuque, with that of other countries, especially Brazil (samba and bossa nova, already adopted musical types in Cape Verde), Peru (landón) and Cuba (danzón and son). It’s a meeting between Cape Verdean roots and musical universality.

Being a CD with totally acoustic sonority, the new album not only highlights her undeniable vocal quality, but also the musical quality of her songs. The arrangements lean towards a deep-rooted simplicity.

Alongside compositions of some of the best current Cape Verdean authors, such as Teófilo Chantre, Jon Luz, Princezito e Vadú, we find a song that shows, for the first time, her facet of author/composer in Vivê Sabin.

Lus is an album based on tradition and modernity, of courage and love, of nostalgia and joy, of hope and fear, of destiny and longing, of peace and struggle, of a Cape Verdean in the 21st Century.

Listen to some of the music from Lus at www.myspace.com/nancyvieira

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