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Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Lagos Intermarché has some new delicacies “à la française”!

The cheese section at Lagos Intermarché in the Algarve is now even richer with a new selection of quality French cheeses. In addition to farm production, there is a Saint-Nectaire Dairy PDO production, made in cheese dairies, with pasteurised milk. Perfect for serving on a trendy charcuterie board, it is also ideal melted on a tartiflette or even in soups, thanks to its ultra-creamy texture and intense flavour.

The Savaron is the newest of the cheeses from the Auvergne region, made with pasteurised milk and has a slightly firmer texture than the Saint-Nectaire. The rind is washed, which favours the development of a beautiful yellow “flower”, and its delicate flavour, with a slightly rustic and even earthy background, will delight cheese lovers.

The Bûchette Cendrée is a close relative of Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine cheeses, with the same characteristic small log shape and a beautiful grey colour. This cheese has a creamy and soft texture, with a slight nutty flavour that will develop over time. Finally, Lagos Intermarché also has a soft cheese blend from pasteurised milk that contains all the essential recipes of a Pavé d’Affinois in individual format.

The hardest part will be choosing!

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Photo of a large french cheese

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