Suzi Steinhofel is Network’s Woman of the Year

news: Suzi Steinhofel is Network’s Woman of the Year

SUZI STEINHOFEL, creative director and partner of Atelier do Sul Design Consultants, has been voted Woman of the Year by Network, the association for women in business in the Algarve.

After formal training, which included a degree in fine art and design, Suzi started her career in the UK in 1974. She worked at a number of design consultancies and a major advertising agency, and, by the early ‘80s, she was managing a very busy studio.

Suzi arrived in Portugal in 1983 and spent a year “relaxing” before moving over full-time. She moved in 1984 and opened a laundrette. She met Fred Phillips, founder of Atelier do Sul, the following year and they have worked together ever since.

Having been in the Algarve for 20 years now, Suzi has seen the region change enormously and this has been reflected not only in the client profile of Atelier do Sul, but also in increasingly demanding image and design requirements.

Atelier do Sul works with some of Portugal’s biggest names, such as Tivoli Hotels, the Amorim Group, Le Meridien and CIN Paint. They work primarily with corporate identity – anything from creating a name through to the logo and all the printed literature. Currently, Suzi and her team are working to launch two major hotels, which, between them, require some 180 pieces of designed and printed literature, signs and vehicle liveries.

Suzi joined Network in 1997 and has been a guest speaker on various occasions, highlighting the importance of image, design and copyright. As she regularly says, “it is not only large companies that need good design and image work,” and Atelier do Sul have a clutch of smaller clients who have benefitted from their experience. One such is Network and its improvement in image and presentation is clear.

Suzi is a keen supporter of Network, and Atelier do Sul are now sponsors of the businesswomen’s association. “I believe we all have a responsibility to support Network in any way we can,” she commented. “Serious business issues have been raised, and addressed by Network, which affect many businesses in the Algarve. We can use each other in a positive way to the success of each of our businesses.”

As a role model, Suzi is a great example. Fluent in Portuguese, dedicated to raising professional standards, refusing to fall into the “algarve-itis” syndrome of apathy and “amanhã” – and a working mum as well – she clearly shows what can be achieved here with drive and determination – a true Woman of the Year. Contributed