Suspects named as Brazilians protest at innocent man’s death

news: Suspects named as Brazilians protest at innocent man’s death

POLICE HAVE named two of the men they suspect of trying to set off bombs in a co ordinated attack on three London underground trains and a bus on Thursday, July 21.

Officers are seeking Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, and Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27.

Ibrahim is linked to a property in north London, which is being searched. The bombs were all placed in the same type of food containers and carried in dark rucksacks, police revealed. Two more people have been arrested, taking the total number held to five.

Meanwhile, relatives and friends of an innocent man, shot dead by UK police on the Tube last Friday, have marched in his home town Gonzaga, in Brazil, demanding arrests be made. Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was shot eight times at Stockwell station after he was mistaken for a suicide bomber. Tony Blair has said he is “desperately sorry”, but urged people to support the police in “difficult circumstances” in the wake of the London bombings.

But hundreds of protesters in Gonzaga said the apology did not go far enough. The Landless Rural Workers’ Movement said it would also demonstrate in front of the British Embassy in Brasilia and the consulate in Rio de Janeiro. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw apologised at a meeting with Brazilian counterpart Celso Amorim on Monday, saying he “profoundly regretted” the death. Security sources have said electrician Menezes was in the UK on an out-of-date student visa.