Since TVDE platforms became legal, there has been an explosion of immigrant drivers working on them - many said to have very little knowledge of Portugal or Portuguese. Image: António Cotrim/ Lusa

Suspected TVDE rapist “released on lightest bail term”

An Indian immigrant, working in Lisbon as a TVDE driver, has  been accused of rape by a young woman but released on the lightest of possible bail terms: TIR, meaning he has to remain living at the address given to authorities. This is not the first account of TVDE drivers and alleged rape. But it appears to have been given comparatively low-grade importance. According to Observador, the 30-year-old woman making the allegation did so in person to police and was later observed in hospital. This story follows previous reports that people “no longer feel safe” in TVDE vehicles, particularly if they are riding as a single customer.