Suspected schoolyard drug pushers appear in court in Faro

Eleven men – nine Portuguese and two Spanish – were arrested last week on suspicion of having sold drugs at several schools in Faro.

The men are aged between 18 and 53 but most are in their 20s, say reports. Some were actually “students at the schools where the drugs were sold”, writes Correio da Manhã.

Another five young men, aged 16 to 23, were also made ‘arguidos’ (official suspects).

PSP police had been investigating the ring for nine months and carried out 19 house searches in and around Faro last Wednesday and Thursday, mostly in Atalaia and Cidade de Wayward avenue.

Over 6,000 individual doses of hashish, cannabis and cocaine were seized, along with €6,000 in cash.

“We believe we have dealt a strong blow to this kind of criminality near schools, and improved the peace of mind of the school community,” said the PSP in a statement, adding that some of the men arrested last week had already spent time in jail for similar offences, while the younger members of the ring were now being monitored by the ‘Escola Segura’ police force.

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