Suspected paedophile arrested

A 38-year-old Brazilian man was arrested, last Wednesday morning, by the Judicial Police in Portimão on child sex abuse charges.

Allegedly, he committed crimes against boys between the ages of 10 and 11 during the last three months. The abuse took place at motels in the area and, in almost every case, he found his victims in cafés.

It is believed that the Brazilian man has been living in Portimão for less than a year and pornographic images were found in his possession. His computer was also searched and pornographic images of children were discovered.

Family members of the victims lodged official complaints after children admitted what had taken place and the families appealed to the courts to investigate. The police were then involved in the investigation and the suspected paedophile was arrested.

The suspect is currently in preventative custody and was present in court in the afternoon of the day he was arrested for preliminary interrogation.

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