Photo from a GNR apprehension of baby eels back in 2019

Suspected killer-on-run, connected to Chinese Triad operation, finally run to ground

Shuxiau Zhang has been on the PJ’s ‘wanted list’ for the best part of three years. He is believed to have been closely involved (if not responsible) for the gruesome killing of a 32-year-old fellow countryman in 2019 (click here).

His alleged victim suffered torture before being shot five times in the mouth and once in the neck.

The killing boiled down to disagreements resulting from the illegal sale of baby eels, which are delicacies in China, but ‘protected’ in Europe, due to their size.

A number of ‘Chinese mafia’ operations have been flagged over the years, involving Chinese nationals smuggling suitcases full of baby eels back to their homeland (click here).

This coup for the PJ resulted from a tip-off.

The force had tracked Zhang to Madrid back in 2019, after which their trail went cold.

The lead received recently allowed them to alert Spanish counterparts, who were able to move in on Zhang’s location and arrest him.

Extradition proceedings will now begin.

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