Suspected killer of woman whose head was found in plastic bag “has been arrested”

The gruesome story that began when the head of a woman was discovered in a plastic bag on a Matosinhos beach has just become even more shocking.

Reports breaking this lunchtime suggested that police have arrested “a suspect”.

At first, that was all there was. Then came the details that the suspect is a woman.

Says Expresso, she appears to have been the employer of the dead woman, whose identity became clear only a week ago (click here).

Last week, the killing was being described as a crime of passion.

There was ‘no one in the frame’ but authorities were described as going through the dead woman’s past with a fine-toothed comb.

Now it appears the motive for this most macabre death was an unresolved debt.

PJ police are cited as having told Expresso that the employer owed a debt to the victim who was “insisting on it being paid”.

The arrested woman is not the only person police appear to believe was involved.

Expresso’s report says she has been arrested on suspicion of having been a co-author of the homicide and for profanation of the corpse.

The arrested woman is described as a masseuse, aged 52, and ‘foreign’.

The victim, whose age has not yet been confirmed, has also been described as ‘foreign’.

For now, the arrested woman is in police custody and will be taken before magistrates to hear bail conditions (or otherwise) at a date that has yet to be specified.

Up to this point, the rest of the dead woman’s body has yet to be recovered.

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