Suspected killer of 62-year-old Swiss woman goes AWOL after being released

Christo Peev, the 33-year-old Bulgarian man suspected of killing 62-year-old Swiss woman Íris Albas (click here) in Idanha-a-Nova, is believed to be on the run after being released from a health unit in Castelo Branco on Wednesday.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã reports that Peev “has not returned to the tent he lived in and his whereabouts are unknown”.

The case has been causing outrage among the local community ever since Peev was released from jail even after allegedly confessing to PJ criminal police that he had committed the crime.

However, he was released by a judge as it was reportedly unclear whether the body was in fact that of Íris Abas’ at the time he was questioned as DNA testing had not yet been carried out.

Just a day after he was released, the results from the autopsy came back showing that the victim had died from stabbing and was set on fire afterwards.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office called for the suspect to be hospitalised, alleging he suffered from “mental illnesses”.

But according to CM, this is when a “judicial drama” started to unfold.

Peev was taken by GNR police to Coimbra Hospital, where doctors determined that there were no “clinical reasons” to keep him there.

He was then taken to a health unit in Castelo Branco – at the request of the regional health delegate – where he stayed for a few days before being released on Wednesday morning.

Peev has reportedly not been seen since then.

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