Suspected fire-starter arrested in Faro

A 26-year-old man has been arrested and is described as the prime suspect of a string of fires that destroyed three cars, two motorbikes and an ‘ecoponto’ (recycling bin) in the Penha area of Faro in September.

He was detained by PSP police on Tuesday (October 15) and is also suspected of robberies and other cases of vandalism.

CMTV reports that the young man had already spent seven years in jail for similar crimes.

As the Resident reported at the time (click here), locals in Penha were becoming increasingly worried about a series of fires that had been destroying vehicles in the area for months.

The most recent fires had been set on September 19, with one of them destroying two motorbikes inside an apartment building. Some residents were caught inside the building when the flames broke out and had to call firefighters for help.

Nearly at the same time just down the street, recycling bins were also destroyed by a fire which spread to a nearby car. Two other vehicles were also destroyed in another blaze that started on a nearby street.

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