Surprise swoop sees police confiscate over two tons of hashish

Over two tons of hashish was confiscated when police surprised a group that was smuggling drugs from a boat into a van in Cabanas de Tavira in the early hours of Thursday morning (July 28).

GNR police’s coastal control unit noticed something was fishy when they saw a boat, which seemed to have “too much weight aboard”, travelling along the coast of Tavira at around midnight.

They followed it, eventually finding the crew members moving around 70 hashish-filled boxes into a van in Cabanas de Tavira, around 200 metres away from Forte de São João.

Most of the group was able to escape through the “dense vegetation”, except for a 46-year-old Spanish man said to be the driver of the van as he had its keys.

The drugs are believed to have been smuggled in from Morocco.

The operation ended at around 5am. PJ criminal police are now in charge of the investigation.

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Photo: GNR