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Surf’s up in the air

SURF IS up in the skies above Portimão this weekend as the Algarve hosts the first leg of both the SkySurf Pro Tour 2007 and the VI Portugal SkySurf Cup.

The action can be viewed on a giant screen in the Municipal aerodrome as the participants begin their descent from 4,000 metres above the aerodrome, reaching 300km per hour, while performing a choreographed routine of twists, turns and stunts.

The competition will be captured by each jumper’s camera flyer partner during the freefall.

Contestants will be judged on the difficulty, artistic expression, precision and execution of moves, as well as the work of the camera flyer.

Defending SkySurf Pro Tour 2006 champion José Veras will be hoping to retain his title with the assistance of his camera flyer, Luís Candeias.

The event, which is being organised by SkySurf Produções in collaboration with the Portuguese Federation of Parachuting, promises to be an extreme thrill for spectators of all ages.

Six of the best teams in the country will be vying for the chance to win this difficult first stage of the tournament. The competition starts at 9am on Saturday and Sunday, entry into the aerodrome is free.

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