Surf legend McNamara paid to put Portugal on world surf map

In a total investment of €200,000, Turismo de Portugal has enlisted the help of surf legend Garrett McNamara to put Portugal squarely on the world’s surf map. McNamara has wasted no time either.
His momentous feat riding the crest of the monster Nazaré wave last year has been followed up recently surfing the ‘Gasoline’ on the River Tejo.
The ‘Gasoline’ is in fact a series of artificial waves made by catamarans travelling from Barreiro to Terreiro do Paço – but as McNamara pointed out to news crews following this latest stunt, it’s a perfect place for youngsters to learn how to surf, and another example of just how exciting Portugal is as a surfing destination.
Now, thanks to the deal signed with Turismo de Portugal, McNamara will make a series of 14 three-minute videos covering ideal surf spots throughout the country.
The films will be used to promote Portugal internationally, and be posted on the internet and social networks – the platforms most used by the world’s surfers.
Project McNamara Surf Trip, as the initiative is called, will also be in evidence in Turismo de Portugal’s promotions in this year’s tourism fairs.