Supreme Court saves alleged Indian ‘terrorist’: decision unappealable

Portugal’s Supreme Court has upheld an earlier decision that freed suspected Indian ‘terrorist’ Iqbal Singh from jail, and ensures that he cannot be extradited to India to face charges of having financed terrorism in a drug-trafficking deal. Portugal’s Public Ministry appealed the decision, published in October click here, but the bid has failed. Supreme Court did not believe India would uphold necessary guarantees over Mr Singh’s fate – and Mr Singh believed he would be facing the death penalty if sent home. The decision is unappealable. Mr Singh, who has been living in Loures, near Lisbon, since his release, is now said to be hoping to find a job – and put this nail-biting experience behind him. Lopes Guerreiro, Mr Singh’s lawyer, meantime has repeated his praise for the Portuguese justice system, saying: “Portugal respected human dignity by not extraditing Iqbal Singh”