Support the animals

Dear Editor,

Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain has been informed of your coverage of ANIMAL’s reports on the state of animal welfare in Portugal and would like to thank you for highlighting them (December 22 edition of The Resident).

This necessarily undercover investigation made in several animal farming units in the Lisbon and Leiria districts makes disturbing reading, but it is important that the general public, usually protected from such information, should be made aware of what is being done – and allowed to be done – in their name.

The other report on the international fur industry, now much in the news since the EU is to ban the import of cat and dog fur into the area, is also welcome.

Whether the animals cruelly exploited in this way are dogs or rabbits makes no difference – they are defenceless, sentient beings and as such are due our protection.

In friendship,

Marian Hussenbux,

for the members of Quaker Concern for Animals, Britain.

By email