Support group for parents of special needs children

A NEW monthly meeting has been set up in Almancil to provide support for parents of children with special needs in the Algarve. Hosted by qualified psychologist Dra. Nanda Bakker, the meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss information, issues and feelings related to coping with the demands of being a parent of a child with special needs.

Parents who have children with special needs can experience difficulties in life, such as feeling overburdened, feeling lost and isolated due to lack of information and having feelings of shame and guilt. Special needs children usually have difficulties coping with daily life, school and friends, without special means of support. This is why they are different, but nevertheless very special.

By sharing in a safe and friendly environment, parents can learn new ways and strategies to cope with their role as a parent and how to deal with the society surrounding them. Come along and share positive and negative feelings and experiences.

The meetings will begin on March 1 and will be held once a month on Wednesday evenings, from 6pm to 7.30pm at Rua dos Emigrantes 162 T 8135-027 Almancil. Refreshments will be available and a 10 euro fee will be requested at entrance to cover costs. For more information, call Susan on 918 690 903 or Nanda on 962 372 354.