Support for people with dementia in Algarve

Support for people with dementia in Algarve

Alzheimer Portugal is a nation-wide charity with 34 years of existence, specifically founded to promote the quality of life of relatives, caregivers and people with dementia.

The Algarve branch is based in Portimão and also has a second Dementia Support Office in Lagoa, where the charity receives daily caregivers and relatives of people with dementia, to whom it provides support through:

  • Information about dementia and care strategies (i.e., personal care, behavioural changes, nutrition and feeding, etc.)
  • Social allowances, community and Alzheimer Portugal support
  • Contacts for medical specialists (doctors, therapists)
  • Referrals to social services (nursing homes, day centres, home care)
  • Information and awareness-raising sessions about dementia
  • Specific activities for people with dementia and carers/relatives: Memory Café, Music Stimulation Activity, Support Groups – only in Portuguese at the moment
  • Certified training for formal and informal carers, institutions and professionals – only in Portuguese for now.

Psychologist Margarida Ferreira from the Algarve branch said: “We have always tried our best to cater for the foreign community residing in the Algarve, giving back the support we have received, by producing informative materials, delivering awareness sessions, providing consultations and other, all in English.

“Earlier this year, we even launched an activity specifically developed for the English-speaking community, ‘Musical(mind) – Music Stimulation Activity’. However, the engagement wasn’t as expected, and we ended up suspending it after a few months due to a lack of attendance. Regardless, this is something that we really want to bring back and also a support group for carers. We really hope we can gather a group with a significant number of carers to start next year, and for this we need your help.

“We feel that we can significantly help foreign residents in the Algarve by helping them to navigate the social and health service system and better understand the progression of the illness, providing practical strategies for day to day living, and thus improving the quality of life of these families. However, in order for us to be able to help, people have to know that we exist.”

Support Alzheimer Portugal – Algarve Branch

All donations to the Algarve branch and membership fees from residents will go towards initiatives for people with dementia living in the Algarve. Become a member or make a donation to: IBAN PT50 0035 2166 00021503230 97

Portimão Dementia Support Office

Address: Urb. Pimentão, Lote 2, Cave, Três Bicos

Opening hours (by appointment only): Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 12.30pm

Lagoa Dementia Support Office

Address: Edf. Paços do Concelho

Face-to-face meetings (by appointment only): Thursday, 2pm to 5pm

965 276 690 | [email protected] |