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Support for foreigners group

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank your newspaper and specifically Daisy Sampson for the support we have received.

The group in general, and the language courses in particular, is going from strength to strength. I recently asked for help to develop evening classes for those people who cannot make it during the day.

We had four people who were very keen but needed a few more to keep the unit cost down. I am delighted to say the course will start a week Monday and we have also added to those attending during the day – total numbers are approaching 40 which is double our original aim.

Without your support, it would have been impossible to reach the wider audience we required to make the courses feasible.

Language is the largest barrier to integration and I doubt many of us will be fluent in the near future but every little step we take gives us more confidence and enables us to mix more with our Portuguese neighbours.

Again many thanks for your support and your excellent newspaper.

Peter Jones, Coordinator Messines Foreign Welcome group, By email