Support for crime victims on the rise

The Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) registered 20,311 criminal incidents involving victim support action in 2012, 10% more than the previous year. Most cases were related to domestic violence.

In its annual report released recently, APAV revealed that between 2010 and 2012 the number of support cases increased 8.4% from 11,145 to 12,084 and the number of direct victims rose 29% in two years.

In 2012, APAV provided support to about 23,500 people, including direct victims (8,945), indirect victims (witnesses), and their families and friends.

Although crimes of domestic violence increased in absolute numbers in 2012, statistics show that they have declined slightly in the total percentage of crimes, from 85% (15,724) in 2011 to 83.6% (16,970) last year.

Out of the 8,945 direct victims, 887 were children and youths aged between 11 and 17.