Supplying renewable, green energy!

Energia 7 has been generating and encouraging green energy since 1993.

It implements projects and products that can contribute to improving the quality of life, by using renewable energies in Portugal.

Air conditioning, a common Algarve necessity, can cause a hefty strain on the environment. However, Energia 7 works with the world’s leading bioclimatic construction devices, including a new, innovative product called Breezair.

In short, the Breezair appliance uses the natural evaporation of water to produce fresh air, a process not only good for the atmosphere but also for your electricity bill.

Solar systems by Energia 7 take full advantage of what we have for free in this region – the sun!

The company works with a variety of solar appliances and photovoltaic systems in order to suit the specific needs of the client and, most importantly, look after the environment and a customer’s bank balance.

Heat pumps provided by Energia 7 are unlike the standard, mainstream pumps and offer the prospect of reducing energy costs up to 80%.

Other systems available include eco-friendly electrical water heaters, floor heating and more – all at affordable prices.  

Full customer satisfaction is obtained with Energia 7 due to their team’s willingness and commitment to all jobs.

The highly trained team provides nothing but a top quality service, with complete efficiency, across the Algarve.

For more information, please contact Energia 7 on 964 498 503/919 297 408 or visit www.energia7.net