Supermarkets banned from selling “non-essential” items during Portugal’s lockdown

Supermarkets and hypermarkets may be remaining open during Portugal’s current lockdown, but they will not be free to sell non-essential items.

The list of ‘forbidden articles’ includes books, decorative items, clothes, underwear, sportswear, etc.

Explain reports, the idea is to ensure ‘balance’ bearing in mind smaller shops selling these items have been ordered to close. 

A definitive list setting out exactly what supermarkets and hypermarkets will be allowed to sell is to be published today (Friday), and come into effect on Monday (January 18).

In other words, these outlets will seemingly be able to enjoy ‘freedom to sell everything on their shelves’ throughout the weekend – though the reasoning given behind the time-lag is to ‘give large concerns the opportunity to remove these articles from their shelves’.

The decision was prompted by concerns raised by the CCP (Confederation of Portuguese commercial services).

A diploma was published in Diário da República, saying “the member of the government responsible for the area of economy can, through a dispatch, determine that commercial retail establishments that sell more than one kind of good and whose activity is permitted under the terms of the current decree (of State of Emergency) cannot sell goods typically sold in retail establishments that have been closed, or have their activity suspended”.

Nevertheless, Mr Siza Vieira said last night that large commercial centres can continue to sell their products online.

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