Supermarket sweep

FRENCH SUPERMARKET chain Os Mosqueteiros announced that it has purchased all 18 Marrachinho stores in the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo.

The chain, which owns Intermarché, Ecomarché, Stationmarché, Bricomarché, Vestimarché and Netto, announced the takeover last week following months of negotiations.

The acquisition is part of the expansion strategy of the group. According to the Portuguese Association of Companies and Distribution, the group owns 15.6 per cent of the market and occupies the top spot for supermarket shares in the Algarve.

The first Marrachinho store was opened in the 1950s in Areias de São João, Albufeira, and originally was a small family business selling fruit and nibbles. In 1970, the first Marrachinho supermarket opened and, over the years, several stores opened across the Algarve. They offered customers products at the lowest possible price, but maintained that they would not compromise on quality.

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