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Supermarket robbery


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SHOTS WERE fired during a supermarket raid by three hooded youths on Saturday evening in Almancil.

Eyewitness Adrian Hook told The Resident that he arrived at the Aldi supermarket at around 9.30pm and saw three youths at the entrance who he felt looked “up to no good”.

The youths looked so suspicious that Adrian chose to stay in his car until they moved on before entering the supermarket himself because he felt worried they might vandalise or steal from his car.

Adrian said the youths then pulled up their hoods and entered the supermarket, where he then saw one of them produce a gun and fire two shots into the ceiling.

“The youths shouted at the cashier in Portuguese. Then they opened the till and grabbed some money and left,” he said.

The youths ran out of the supermarket and past Adrian, who was still in his car.  He watched in his wing-mirror as they ran past and down the hill and out of sight.

Adrian Hook believes that they were then picked up by a waiting car as he heard a car pull away at speed from the direction the youths went in.

After they had gone Adrian Hook went into the supermarket and purchased his goods from a different cashier.

“There was money all over the floor still and the spent cartridges from the gun on the ground but nobody apart from the cashier seemed to be bothered,” he said.

“The GNR arrived as I left and I didn’t have to give a statement. The cashier looked shaken, poor girl, but everyone else was fine.”

Almancil GNR confirmed that the robbery had taken place but said they had not arrested anyone yet and were unable to confirm the amount of money stolen.

The Resident contacted Aldi supermarkets for a comment who confirmed the incident but were unable to declare how much had been stolen or any other details about the case.

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